eVo Technologies offers a full line of cosmetic lasers, IPL systems, body
contouring systems, and the new eVo-Fractional resurfacing pen.
We are FDA-Cleared and CE rated.
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Evo-Velocity TRIO 755/810/1064

The EVO-Velocity Trio is R-EVO-lutionizing the high speed, pain free, hair removal market as we have known it

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Velocity 810

The Velocity 810 HVR is designed to meet the current demand for an efficient laser hair removal system meeting the stringent standards of today's competitive environment.

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EVO-C2 Fractional Coz

The fractional ablative laser co2 supplies 10600 nm, leaving intact skin surrounding untreated areas.

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EVO Aquafacial

The most innovative skin care system combining four technologies: Aqua technology, OxyGemeo™ Technology, Quapollar™ Technology and uCosmo™ Technology.

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EVO Slim Shape 2

Science has begun developing new and exciting ways to improve body contour and give our body the shape we desire. eVo-Shape is unique in that it is completely pain-free, and effortless.

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EVO Velocity-TT

The EVO-Velocity TT is the new table top (transportable) high speed/pain free diode laser hair removal system.

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Micro-RF Front

EVO Micro-RF

The new EVO-Micro-RF is the most affordable, compact, and user-friendly RF-Microneedling devise on the market.

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