EVO is proud to offer several customer friendly finance options. Along with all of our products being offered at a more affordable price point, we also want to make purchasing an EVO as easy as possible, this includes various financing options:

Interest Free

Interest-free, internal finance program

Interest-free, internal finance program (offered in select markets). This program requires a 50% downpayment, and the balance is paid over 12 months, interest-free, in 12 equal monthly installments.

Rent to Own

Rent to own (offered in select markets)

Rent to own (offered in select markets): This program requires only first monthly payment (2500.00), and one-month security deposit. The monthly payment is 2500.00 per month, and 50% of each payment comes off the purchase price until the laser is paid off. Purchaser may also buy out the current balance at ANY TIME, with ZERO pre-payment penalty whatsoever. Customer may also choose to return the system at any time also with no penalty.

Traditional Financing

Traditional financing options are available

Traditional financing options are available as well. Typically 36-60 month terms, and varying interest rates depending upon lender(s). We have banks for most credit situations as well.


Our goal at EVO has always been to provide quality products, at affordable prices, with quality service, and we strive to make purchasing as easy as possible.

We also accept trades and offer some show specials throughout the years. Ask your salesperson for more details.

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