Velocity 810

Super High Speed Diode Laser System.

  • 810-Diode Hand Piece with Diode “simmer”
  • Dual Mode: High-Speed, & Single Shot HR Mode
  • Active “Easy Use” Software
  • Up to 25j at 10 Htz (High Sped, High Efficacy, and Extra Safe)
  • Triple Cooling Module for Enhanced Comfort
  • 5 Million Pulse Warranty

The Velocity 810 HVR is designed to meet the current demand for an efficient laser hair removal system that meets the stringent standards of todays competitive environment.

The need for increased speed combined with reduced pain has become the evolutionary standard today. Increased safety, reliability, reduced price, and the ability to maintain high volume, absent of an expensive service program is a priority for todays MedSpa owner.

The Velocity 810 insures against obsolescence, inherent when purchasing a “Pre Owned” device, where access to parts & service cannot be guaranteed. Access to immediate & reliable service, combined with a 100% “Up Time” guarantee makes the Velocity 810 an essential key for ongoing success.

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