Evo C02 with V-lift

VRL vaginal tightening – Evo laser

Using probe technology Automatically articulated arm 360 rotating, producing 50-70 ° ca controlled depth Within the vaginal mucosa Stimulates-contraction, collagen restructuring and regeneration; It Promotes proliferation of collagen fiber, remodeling; Improves the microcirculation of the vaginal mucosa; Increases cell secretory function and dynamic response; correcting the pH value of vaginal inside; Improving the indoor environment; female private parts to Achieve significant lasting firmness. nourished by restoring the harmonious sex life.


The fractional ablative laser co2 reblandamiento supplies 10600 nm fractionally leaving intact skin surrounding untreated areas. The laser thermal Creates microscopic point on the surface and is performed Within the tissues, providing better grip the skin. Age spots, fine lines, acne scars, stretch mark removal and rejuvenation of the vulva. Untreated fabric speed the healing process Helps rejuvenate the skin and microcirculation and Promoting new cell genesis.

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Latin male, skin type 3.5
Medium settings and topical for 30 mins.
Zero discomfort result excellent zero hyper or hypo



Latin female
Skin type 3, medium settings and square pattern and guard.
Topical applied for 30 mins
Zero discomfort