The Only Portable Pain Free / High Speed / 10 Hzt Diode On The US Market

The EVO-Velocity TT is the new table top (transportable) high speed/pain free diode laser hair removal system. The Velocity-TT is the ONLY table top diode with 10 Htz micro pulsing for unsurpassed speed, and most of all efficacy. Compared to the Lightsheer ET-400, the Velocity has both a larger spot size (12X12 vs. 9X9), and the EVO offers BOTH standard stamping, AND 10 Htz super high speed pain free function. You can now do a full back hair removal in 8 mins, with amazing efficacy as well. And totally pain free. The hand piece being the same as out flagship Velocity 810 comes with the same 5 Million pulse warranty as well. Quality, speed, efficacy, and all at an affordable price point. EVO has done it again.

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